Symposium 2023 - October 2023

The Institute of Analytical Philately held its fifth symposium via Zoom in October 2023. There are two recordings on Youtube:

Two of the presentations were not recorded:
Speaker Schedule. All times Eastern Daylight Time (U.S.)

Tuesday October 10
SpeakerPaper TitleStart Time
Kravitz Mel Raman Micro Spectrometry Determination of the Violet and Blue Ink Molecular Compounds Used in the Registry Hand Stamp Cancel of the U.S. Post Office in the Latter 19th Through the Middle 20th Centuries. 10:00 AM
Thompson, Anthony Colour Analysis Using a Scanner for Newfoundland's 1939 Royal Visit Stamp 11:00 AM
  Break 12:00 PM
Judge, Richard A Spectrographic Study of Three Issues Catalogued as Prussian Blue Errors 12:15 PM
Sampson, Russell D. Colorimetric Analysis of Used Specimens of Canada Scott No. 223 1:00 PM
Hofmeyr, Jan The Shades of the U.S. 1861 3¢ 1:45 PM

Tuesday October 17
SpeakerPaper TitleStart Time
Lam Thomas Color Analysis and Microfade Testing of the 1918 Curtiss Jenny U.S. Airmail Stamp 10:00 AM
Brinkley, Danny Examination of 1851 3¢ Stamps from Plate 1 in its Early State 11:00 AM
  Break 12:00 PM
Thompson, Anthony Analysis of Ink Bleeding in Newfoundland's 1939 Royal Visit Stamp - Unexpected Findings 12:15 PM
Hosseini, Majid Identifying Wet-Print and Dry-Print Varieties of Ahmad Shah Qajar's 1911 - 1921 Issue: A Machine Learning Approach 1:15 PM
Ullom, William Solving the Dilemma of Expertizing Postal Markings on Off-Cover Adhesives 2:15 PM