Symposium 2020 - ZOOM Presentations in October 2020

The Institute of Analytical Philately held its fourth symposium via Zoom in October 2020. There were three online sessions on successive weeks, to review the latest advances in technical studies of postage stamps. They featured an international group of speakers considered leaders in the field, with time reserved for Q&A. A fourth session was devoted to discussion.

Full Symposium: Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Analytical Methods in Philately

For the Power Points with Audio/Video, you will have to download and "Play" them on the machine.
Scheduled Presentations
Lin Yangchen Microscopic Structure of Stamp Paper Fibers and Surfaces
(Movie 2GB)
6 October
Daniel Brinkley Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) of Stamp Inks
(Power Point with Video/Audio, 423MB)
6 October
Jannie Hofmeyr Quantitative Color Analyses of U.S. 3-Cents 1861 Issues
(Power Point with no Audio/Video, 11MB)
6 October
Harry Brittain Use of XRD and Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy for Study of Paper and Ink
(PDF, with no Video/Audio (1.2MB)
13 October
Bob Mustacich Computer Analysis of Die-Cut Stamp Edges
(Power Point with Audio, 37MB)
13 October
Bob Hisey Single Pixel Colorimetry and Optical Density in Philately
(PDF, with no Video/Audio (1MB)
13 October
Harry Charles 1894 and 1895 Bureau Postage Dues: Color, Fluorescence, and Early Use
(PDF, with no Video/Audio (6MB)
20 October
Aaron Shugar Handheld Macro-XRF scanning: Collimators for Sub-mm Resolution 20 October
Richard Judge Resolved Fluorescence and Lifetimes of Early 20th Century Canadian Stamps
(Power Point with Video/Audio, 326MB)
20 October