Robert Hisey, Emeritus and Senior Fellow

Mr. Hisey had a long career in the paper and printing industries. Beginning as a papermaking apprentice in Aberdeen, Scotland nearly 60 years ago, he rose through the ranks of paper manufacturing companies, and retired from Continental Forest Products Co. as executive vice president. Throughout his career he was heavily involved in technology development, such as paper manufacturing processes and printing operations, and held positions including Technical Director and Chief Engineer. He was a Fellow and Director of the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry, Chairman of the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Chairman of the Bleached Board Committee of the American Paper Industry, and a member of both the Advisory Board of the Institute of Paper Chemistry and the Gravure Technical Association. Mr. Hisey published a number of technical papers on the optical properties of paper and coatings. He is a registered professional engineer and he holds BA, MS and PhD degrees, the latter being in paper technology.

Mr. Hisey's current philatelic interests focus on South Africa (where he went to secondary school), Finland, and Transatlantic air mail of WWII involving Africa. He is a member of the APS, the AAMS, the South African Air Mail Society, Scandinavian Collectors Society, and the Dutch Filatistenvereniging Zuidelijk Afrika. He is the co-author of a Gold medal winning, three volume handbook on the Philately of the Orange Free State (published from 2002 to 2009. Mr. Hisey is an active exhibitor with numerous Gold medals and his exhibit of South African Officials garnered a Grand Award in 2007. He loves to study the facets of philately pertaining to the actual physical manufacture of the stamps and their paper, and the actual carriage of the mail. Presently, his principal technical interest is 19th century printing inks, their manufacture and use for stamps.