The Institute for Analytical Philately, Inc.

The Institute for Analytical Philately, Inc. (IAP) is a nonprofit corporation (IRS Letter) dedicated to sponsoring technical research activities to better the stamp collecting hobby. To facilitate this, IAP provides Research Grants and technical support to qualified philatelists to assist them in performing their valuable work. Our goal is to assist philatelists in gaining new insight and knowledge of stamps through the application of rigorous scientific methods. Because one of the most important aspects of research is the dissemination of results, all philatelists receiving grants from IAP are required to publish in widely circulated journals of record, both scientific and philatelic.

As a virtual organization, our Web Site is dedicated to providing all philatelic students with announcements of new scientific research in philately and an archive of research in our Reference Library.

We have come to another leadership change in our organization. Before looking ahead, we need to thank our Past President for his leadership and guidance over the past eight years. Please see the whole John Barwis Annoucement.

Programs, abstracts, and presentations can be found on the following:

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